Kefir: the Natural Probiotics

Photo by dulezidar/iStock / Getty Images


Kefir is a unique cultured product that contains a wide range of beneficial probiotics. Kefir milk is a fermentation of milk by bacteria and yeasts contained within a kefir grain, which breaks down milk lactose into lactic acid and provides that yummy yoghurt-like taste.


Restoring your healthy gut flora, great for GI health!

Kefir introduces new strains into GI tract and promotes the growth of beneficial microbes.

Immune booster

It’s true when people say healthy gut leads to healthy immune system. Kefir is able to produce health benefits through the modulation of the GI immune system.


An imbalance in the Th1/Th2 cell ratio is the main mechanism behind food allergy, and kefir is capable of regulating that balance in the immune system.

Decrease cholesterol absorption from foods

Good microbes from kefir inhibits cholesterol absorption in the small intestine, by binding and assimilating cholesterol.

Tumor fighter

Aside from its super-power of boosting immune system, consumption of kefir also results in increased apoptosis of tumor cell in several studies!

Any scientific back-up?

This is a great updated summary from Frontier Microbiology Journal, just published last month.