Dr. Nicha Samantarat


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Hello, This is Dr. Nicha. I’m an expert in natural treatments and making lifestyle a medicine.


“Believe me, investing in your health will be one of the highest return investment in your life!”

- Dr. Nicha Samantarat, ND


My name is Dr. Nichamon Samantarat, US-licensed naturopathic doctor, or as known as Dr. Nicha, ND. I am so passionated about natural medicine and all things healthy, so I founded a naturopathic medical center, NICHE Natural Health, in my beloved hometown Bangkok, Thailand. Learn more about my background & experiences →

As a naturopathic doctor, my goal is to meet my patients where they are and assisting them in their health journey to the point of optimal health. I have helped many patients successfully through natural therapeutic protocols, including natural supplements, botanical medicine, IV therapy, specific diet and lifestyle modification. Learn more about becoming my patient →

While I love using natural supplements and botanical medicine in managing cases, I also believe that healthy lifestyle is essential as it will create a long-term sustainable health. This belief originated my hashtag of #MakeLifestyleYourMedicine , where I share my personal healthy lifestyle and other health tips. Read my lifestyle blogs →

Aside from working as a naturopathic doctor, I am also an educator, guest speaker, university lecturer, columnist, and content creator on natural health and wellness topics. I also work with many organizations and companies in health & wellness industry as a business consultant. Learn more about working with me →


much love,

Dr. Nicha